Our Therapist

Greg Costen:  Director and Lead Therapist at Manitoba Video Counselling

Degree: Master of Arts: Counselling

Additional Credentials:

  • Certification in video-therapy.
  • Certification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
  • Certification in LGBTQ2+ Affirming therapy.
  • General Practitioner with specialties in : Anxiety, difficult pasts, shame and thinking disorders.

I am so stressed out I feel like I’m going to detonate! Why won’t anybody love me? Why did he treat me like that; am I really that bad of a person? What’s the point of even getting out of bed? My childhood sucked. I’m not sure I’ll ever get past it… What happened to the person I married?

You need the load lifted. You long to feel like you are somebody. You just want to look at your partner see someone other than a roommate. You want to change the script in your head. When you meet with me, you will be heard and really seen, maybe for the first time ever. Please drop me a note so we can talk about your first steps to wellness.


  • Associate Professional Counsellor, PACCP (#686MB19)

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