Our Speciality 

Manitoba Video Counselling is positioning itself as Manitoba’s premier provider of professional video counselling.  Video counselling is all we do. It is not an add on, a trial endeavour or a temporary measure (do note that we offer basic phone or secure, encrypted email counselling for those who struggle with computers).   As video counselling specialists, we provide you, our valued client, with an industry leading, made in Canada, client management and video platform.  There are, of course, other qualified professionals who counsel via video.  Be sure to inquire as to whether their platform meets federal and provincial privacy regulations, that they are certified to offer video-counselling and that their payment methods meet legal security obligations.   Manitoba Video Counselling meets all these requirements and is therefore able to offer you an industry-leading, encrypted and secure therapy experience by an experienced and licensed professional therapist.  See the “About” tab for more information about our counsellor.

You already know there are online video directories you can use to find therapists who do video counselling.  These directories have thousands of therapists and use algorithms to try and match you with one of them.  More often than not you will be matched with a counsellor from somewhere like Silicon Valley, Texas or Florida.  Are they good counsellors?  Maybe.  But they know nothing of life in Manitoba, our uniquenesses, our life on the prairies or of being frozen for half the year!  Manitoba Video Counselling is in Manitoba, by Manitobans and for Manitobans!

Image Credit: Ainsley Costen