I have felt different for a long time. I am pretty sure no one understands what I am going through and if my family/church/friends found out it wouldn’t go well. I’m so tired of hiding and lying. 

At Manitoba Video Counselling we understand. Welcome to a place where you are free to be you, maybe for the first time ever. Video counselling offers the ultimate in confidentiality and privacy if these are concerns.

LGBTQ2+ affirming therapy embraces all experiences, identities and relationships and addresses the negative impact that homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism have on LGBTQ2+ people’s lives. This psychotherapy approach serves a critical need for people who have been marginalized and continue to struggle with being “different” than the majority culture. We will work collaboratively to accomplish your personal goals. Whether you are questioning your sexual orientation and/or gender identity or are comfortable in your Self though still struggling with depression, anxiety or low self-esteem from a difficult journey, asking for support is a courageous first step to feeling whole, healthy and happy. Video-counselling offers you the ultimate level of privacy in your community.


“You shouldn’t have to educate your therapist.  I have speciality training and experience in dealing with the LGBTQ2+ community. I am an active ally of the LGBTQ2+ community and am aware of the unique challenges faced by sexual minorities and those who love them. If you choose to seek therapy with me, you can be assured that I will treat you with dignity and acceptance. There will be no need to guess your counsellor’s views on sexuality or to hide your uniqueness — it will instead be celebrated!  Although this is a time of significant advancement for the LGBTQ2+ community, the impact of growing up different is for many a significant, and at times, painful process. Because of lingering societal oppression, religious shaming, family rejection or harassment for being different, there are often traumatic memories that continue to have a impact. Please be in touch if I can serve you in any way.”