• Counselling Reimagined

I hardly know where to begin. I can’t shake the anxiety. Why won’t anybody love me? Why did he treat me like that? I didn’t deserve it. What’s the point of getting out of bed? Something seems the matter with my mind. I am willing to put in the hard work but I’ve been dealing with this for so long I can’t see a way out. I know I need to try something soon though.

If any of this sounds like you, we at Manitoba Video Counselling understand.
Welcome to a place where you will be heard, cared for and treated with dignity.

If you’ve ever thought this…

“I can’t easily get to a therapy office”.
“I live rurally and am hours away from a counsellor”.
“I have mobility issues”.
“I don’t want anyone to see me going to a counsellor!”.
“I’m a bit shy and intimidated about being in a room with a stranger.”
“I’m a stay-at-home parent. I can’t get out of the house to see a counsellor”.
“I hate going out in winter!”.
“I don’t drive”.
“I can’t parallel park!”
“I feel overwhelmed at the thought of leaving my house”.

 ...you may be a perfect candidate for video-counselling!

Will I Be Able to Figure it Out?

When you contact us, we will be in touch within the day to answer any questions you may have and to walk you through the very simple two-minute registration process.  Once you are set up and have scheduled an appointment you will receive a secure link in your email.  At the time of your appointment click on the link and your counsellor will be waiting for you.  Simple as that!  You can meet with your therapist in your home on your pc or on your mobile device.  You may contact our director personally at any time via email with any questions.  Visit our FAQs for more details.

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